Spay/Neuter Assistance

We all must work together to deal with overpopulation of cats and dogs because there simply are not enough homes. AWL's #1 priority is to relieve needless suffering and cruelty to animals due to overpopulation with our spay/neuter program. Since 1965 we have raised funds to subsidize the costs of spaying/neutering homeless, feral, fostered, and newly-adopted animal.


Kathie Bryant - Spay/Neuter Chairperson, 804.462.0996



Spay day USA...   is February 23,2021


Animal Welfare League Spay/Neuter Rebates


Spay Day USA occurs in February each year.  The Animal Welfare League of the Northern Neck offers a 50 percent spay/neuter rebate program in recognition of Spay Day USA and World Spay Day in February.  The rebate program applies to permanent residents of Lancaster, Northumberland, Richmond and Westmoreland counties. All spays and neuters must be done on and between these dates. Local Papers will have the detail on dates in February.

The 50 percent rebate program, not to exceed $50 per  dog or cat.  The rebate applies only to sterilization surgery charges. No other services are covered.

No Cost Spay/Neuter 

AWL offers no cost spay/neuter certificates for any cat or dog adopted through the four Northern Neck animal shelters; Lancaster County, Northumberland County, and Westmoreland County, and Richmond County. 


AWL offers no cost spay/neuter  for cats adopted through Wendy's Feline Friends in Colonial Beach, VA, 804.224.1079.   

AWL offers no cost spay/neuter for persons that live in Lancaster County, Northumberland County, and Westmoreland County, and Richmond County  AND are on financial assistance such as Medicaid, food assistance or temporary assistance. 

Print the form below to request a No Cost spay/neuter:

Fill in the information, be sure to sign, mail to AWL if you do not qualify for the No Cost spay/neuter see the Co-Pay infp below.




Co-Pay Spay/Neuter


AWL provides additional spay/neuter support to 


accommodate pet owners who need financial assistance. Visit the AWL Thrift Shop, 75 South Main St., Kilmarnock, VA 22482 or call us, 804.435.0822 for details.